End of January 2023 – quarantine completion and consequent release of imported French breeding pigs from the YIFA breeding farm

On January 29, 2023, Henan Yifa Animal Husbandry Co. Ltd. held a meeting on the first batch of imported breeding pigs from Hebi Customs Office with the release of the animals originating from France. Participants included Mr. Wu Xubo, Deputy Director of Hebi Customs Bureau, and Mr. Chen Zhenting, Director of Xiaohe City Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Station in Junxian County. Mr. Yuan Quanshui, Chairman of Henan Yifa Animal Hunsbandry Co. Ltd., chaired the meeting.

In a solemn session the ceremony took place.


Mr. Wu Xubo gave an overview of the inspection and acceptance of the quarantine farm and the import quarantine of breeding pigs. He said that the import of breeding pigs to Yifa had taken place on a tight schedule. For the first time, Hebi Customs Office imported breeding pigs directly from abroad. All departments of the customs office and local government departments worked closely and efficiently together. Also thanks to Yifa’s own great commitment, the imported breeding pigs were successfully housed in the new quarantine farm. Hebi Customs Office wishes Yifa every success for future development and greater contribution to the national breeding industry!

Mr. Chen Zhenting, on behalf of the Animal Quarantine Department of Jungxian County, thanked the Hebi Customs Office for their strong support in quarantining the imported breeding pigs. He said that the successful completion would certainly have a far-reaching effect on the development of the local pig and breeding industry.

On behalf of Henan Yifa Animal Husbandry Co Ltd, Chairman Mr. Yuan Quanshui expressed his gratitude to Hebi Customs Office and relevant government departments. Due to the flooding in the summer of 2021, the reconstruction of the farm and the customs clearance to the quarantine of the incoming breeding pigs, which was accompanied by uncertainties caused by the Corona epidemic, this task was difficult and challenging, but with everyone’s support and help, Yifa was finally able to successfully import the breeding pigs from France at the end of 2022.

The dedicated staff of the customs office, the energetic support of the relevant government departments for the establishment and introduction of breeding animals, and the quarantine checks of the animal inspection department, etc., helped Yifa a lot. Henan Yifa Animal Husbandry Co. Ltd will definitely take advantage of the support from the leaders and authorities at all levels to advance breeding in an effort to make Chinese breeding genetics a world leader!

Then, according to the legal regulations and procedures for isolation and quarantine, Mr. Wu Xubo and Mr. Chen Zhenting carried out the handover of procedures for this release. On behalf of Henan Yifa Animal Husbandry Co Ltd, Mr. Yuan Quanshui thanked Hebi Customs with a banner for their dedicated support.

Yifa imported a total of 750 breeding pigs from NUCLEUS Breeding Company, a strategic partner of Cooperl Group from France. These are 4 classic breeds such as Pietrain, Duroc, Large White and Landrace, which are characterized by high health status and free from many diseases. The imported breeding pigs are continuously selected and developed in the new Nucleus farm of Yifa.

The new pathogen-free nucleus farm is a key sub-project of the “Sino-German Pig Development Cooperation Project” and a high-end breeding project of Yifa’s high-end development plan, with a total investment of RMB 150 million (= approx. € 20.5 million) and an area of 242 mu (= 161,341.4 m2) The project integrates advanced technologies and equipment, such as an animal-friendly breeding process and selection by genomic sequencing. Furthermore, the new facility has a world-leading air filtration system, smart metering system and IOT – Internet of Things – self-control system for pig farms. The farm will raise pigs that are free of specific diseases. After reaching full production, about 40,000 pigs can be slaughtered per year, which will generate an additional economic value of RMB 2 billion per year for the company.

The successful completion of quarantine and isolation of imported breeding pigs has given new impetus to the development of the national breeding industry, marking another new stage in the breeding business of Henan Yifa Animal Husbandry Co. Ltd. The company thus continues to contribute to the revitalization of the national breeding industry.

Source: Translated from Chinese, abridged; author and photos: Yuan Liwei und Zhang Pengjie, Henan Yifa Animal Hunsbandry Co. Ltd., 2023-02-01; Original: