Member of the Central Politburo and Vice Premier of the State Council Hu Chunhua visits the facilities of Yifa pig breeding enterprise, Henan

Vice Premier Hu Chunhua toured Yifa Herding and gained a comprehensive insight into the production and supply of breeding pigs and boar semen production. He encouraged the company to make further efforts to intensify sperm production.

On 26. March 2021, Mr. Hu Chunhua, member of the Central Politburo and Vice Premier of the State Council, accompanied by Tang Renjian, Minister of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, Yin Hong, Governor of Henan Province, Wang Zhengpu, Director of the National Rural Revitalization Bureau, Wu Guoding, Vice Governor of Henan Province, Shen Yanping, Director of the Provincial Department of Agriculture and Rural Development, Ma Fujuo, Secretary of Hebi Municipal Party Committee, Wang Haitao, Secretary of Junxian County Party Committee and other leaders visited our project partner Henan Yifa Animal Husbandry Co. Ltd (YIFA) to visit the agricultural enterprise.

During his visit, Vice Premier Hu Chunhua highlighted Yifa’s work in stabilizing pig production and supply security. He appreciated the efforts of the company, which has been active in pig production for 17 years and has been vigorously promoting the search for “breeding and disease” solutions in the industry.

Vice Premier Hu Chunhua gave comprehensive guidance on how to win the turn in the breeding industry and make good use of boar semen resources. He encouraged the company to remain committed. He said that the goal should be to expand the advantages of the breeding industry. In this way, a significant development contribution can be made to the national pig production.

Yifa Chairman Yuan Quanshui reported that Yifa is a professional pig breeding enterprise specializing in pig breeding. It has a nationally recognized insemination station and is the first Sino-German demonstration enterprise for international cooperation projects in the pig industry. The company follows the mission of continuously striving for Chinese breeding pig genetics to become world leaders. The company’s message is to become the market leader of Chinese breeding pig.

Vice Premier Hu Chunhua looked at the company’s information board on site with great interest. Yuan Quanshui, Chairman of Yifa and Yuan Liwei, Deputy General Manager of Yifa gave a brief report on the activities to Vice Premier Hu Chunhua. Vice Premier Hu Chunhua was particularly interested in the work on the production base. Through the video linking system, he joined the sperm laboratory of the boar insemination station and the farrowing barn of the nucleus breeding farm. “The sperm lab is the last place before translating quality genes into efficient productivity.” Vice Premier Hu Chunhua listened in detail to the explanations of the semen production process by Ma Yuanyuan, administrator of the semen laboratory, and expressed his appreciation of the highly automated and standardized production process. He encouraged the production staff to continue to provide the highest quality and safest boar semen products for the society.

Quality breeding pigs are born in the farrowing barn. Vice Premier Hu Chunhua inquired in detail about the production situation – breeding sow health and farrowing results. Manager Zhang Changwei reported and explained the farrowing barn situation under his management. Hu praised the high production performance and efficiency of Yifa breeders.

Vice Premier Hu Chunhua expressed his appreciation for the efforts and achievements of Chairman Yuan Quanshui and the development of Yifa, as well as the activities and merits in promoting solutions to eliminate the pig shortage.

Vice Premier Hu Chunhua took a detailed look at the company’s measures for internal and external protection against current epidemics. He positively evaluated Yifa for making full use of its own advantages to ensure pig production from boar semen.

In addition to pig production, Yifa’s deputy general manager Yuan Liwei made a detailed presentation to Vice Premier Hu Chunhua on Yifa’s model of using manure resources to return digestate to the fields. He also said that the promotion of rural revitalization is taking place through the creation of circular agriculture. He illustrated this through real-time drone footage over the farm site. Vice Premier Hu Chunhua reiterated Yifa’s adherence to the harmonious development of agricultural and livestock cycles, breeding and ecology.

Yifa’s mission is to continue to aim for Chinese breeding pig genetics to become world-leading. Yifa already has a national core breeding farm and a national breeding boar station, and also has the foundation to continue research. “Next, we will further focus on the breeding field and go deeper into breeding pigs,” said Chairman Yuan Quanshui.

Vice Premier Hu Chunhua’s central slogan was: “You are on the right track – the boar semen problem is the key problem of Chinese agriculture. We must make efforts to solve the boar semen problem, protect and utilize the boar semen resources, and build up the local breeding brand. We must continue to adhere to and we should continue to insist on and expand cooperation with Germany and France to exchange and learn the world’s advanced ideas and technologies, so as to promote the transformation and upgrading of China’s agriculture and high-quality development,” Vice Premier Hu Chunhua gave the direction for the company’s next development.

At the adoption ceremony, Vice Premier Hu Chunhua instructed the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development and other relevant units and departments to provide Yifa with the necessary policy support. He said the company should be motivated to continue to step up its efforts. Vice Premier Hu Chunhua’s earnest request and instruction was to build a national strategic center for live pigs here, establish a world-class gene pool for breeding pigs, and help strive for a good turnaround in the breeding industry. This could fulfill the nation’s expectations and hopes for independent breeders and quality pork. All company employees are encouraged to make their dedicated contribution to this end.

(Source: Press release Yifa website 2021, abridged)