Handbook I

German Farm Consulting published in March 2021 their Handbook “Piglet-Production and Fattening – Practical Work (Best Practice) as paper back.

This handbook is written to support the management of professional pig production farms.

It provides standard operating procedures and gives guidance on how to apply best practices in the daily routine work. It helps new staff members, while briefing into the working-teams and is a comprehensive reference book for questions that arise.

This handbook builds on the long-term experiences of pig breeding in Germany taking relevant standards into account in Germany and other countries for pig breeding. The content of this handbook is tailored to the layout, the technical design and the equipment of modern pig production. However, most of the content is applicable for any other pig production facilities in different countries under similar conditions.

No claim is made to completeness. This manual in no way replaces professional education, practice-oriented training by pig-experts and current technical literature.

This handbook is divided into the following chapters:

  • Farm-Protection – Biosecurity 1
  • Quarantine-House
  • Mating-House
  • Gestation-House
  • Farrowing-House
  • Rearing
    • Nursery
    • Growing-out / fattening
  • Selection of gilts
  • Feeding
  • Cleaning / Disinfection – Biosecurity 2
  • Appendix – Checklists