Handbook II

Breeding boar and A.I.-Stations are professional production units for high-quality boar semen. All boars of the stations come from selected farms and from breeding farms with high health status and third-party pig companies of outstanding reputation.

Boar-stations for Artificial Insemination (A.I.) are either completely isolated units or they belong to a common breeding company. It is necessary that they are located at least 2.5 kilometers away from other pig production farms for reasons of disease protection.

The optimal situation – the genetic value of the boars is excellent: they have a high health status, e.g. free from swine fever, pseudo-rabies, blue-ear disease, foot-and-mouth disease and other infections. The national regulations for artificial insemination are being applied.

All areas of the farms with A.I.-Stations are equipped with tools for the optimal health status and to maintain it in the future.

Note: This handbook is written for optimizing the breeding boar-station management. It helps new staff members while briefing into the boar-station-team.