First digital training course on birth assistance for pigs in the German-Chinese cooperation project was a success

The “German-Chinese Cooperation Project for the Further Development of Animal Breeding and Animal Husbandry in China” continues even in times of the COVID-19 pandemic. While trips have to be cancelled, the possibilities of modern conference systems can be used to hold upcoming trainings. As the BMEL explains in the article

describes, online elements were used to communicate the important areas of farrowing.

The cooperation between German actors and demonstration farms in China focuses on the sustainable improvement of the Chinese pig farming system as well as the intensification of the bilateral exchange and networking between German and Chinese actors in pig farming. Under the umbrella of ADT Project Consulting GmbH, Bonn, the pig section is organized by German Farm Consulting GmbH & Co. KG, Fahrdorf.


Our long-term expert Henrik Delfs – responsible for the work in the pig farms – organized in March 2020 in cooperation with the Chinese demonstration farm Yifa a three-day online training course on the birth process in pigs (farrowing). The training was attended by a total of 17 employees from the housing and management staff.


The introduction to the complex took place in the conference room, followed by an online transfer to the farm’s barn. In the first part, Henrik Delfs online from Germany trained the basics, the theoretical principles of farrowing. Afterwards there was a question and answer session, the long-term expert answered the questions of the training participants.


The practical part – online from the barn – was carried out on the two following days under the guidance of Mr. Delfs and instructed by a local employee who had already completed the comparable training course in the previous year.


In the final part, the participants presented what they had learned and successfully completed the online seminar with a test. The certificates were handed over in a festive closing ceremony.