Second digital training and education course in the German – Chinese cooperation project – Topic Nursery

In the frame of the „Sino-German Cooperation Project on Animal Breeding in China“, the project team organized a four-day-seminar on “Nursery” at the project demonstration farm Henan Yifa Animal Husbandry Co., LTD in collaboration with GFC and the Sino-German Office from Yifa.

About 23 participants, including farm workers, farm leaders and leaders of the middle management of the demonstration farm Yifa as well as staff from partner companies of Yifa and the project, participated in the training.

From 27th to 30th April 2020 the course take place at Yifa. Like in the first digital training course it was divided into 3 parts: a theoretical and a practical part as well as a conclusion part at the end of the course, where the participants gave presentations and had to pass a test. The test included a practical and a theoretical examination, designed by Yifa itself.

After an opening ceremony the first theoretical part of the training course started in an online session with a conference software offered by the long-term expert Henrik Delfs.

The practical part of the training course was held by Li Pengfei (Leader of the nucleus herd) and Ding ZheZhe (Veterinarian of the Yifa rearing farm). Both passed the first training course of the Sino-German Farm Education Programme with the topic “Nursery” in October 2018, which was also held by Henrik Delfs.

During the remaining three days, the participants had to go through different topics concerning the nursery stage and furthermore had to work practically. Therefore, they had been divided into different groups.

They had to prepare a nursery house for stalling in weaned piglets after the schedule, they learned during the theoretical part. After this the control of the equipment for feeding and water but also the adjustment of the climate computers followed. In the afternoon the participants had to stall in weaned piglets into nursery.

In the evening the participants discussed, what they have learned and the future operational standard with Henrik Delfs.

On the next day in the evening, the groups held their presentations and discussed under guidance of Li Pengfei and Ding ZheZhe the results. The presentations showed, that for each group, there were different lessons learned after the education programme.

Finally, the practical and theoretical test under the guidance of Yifa for all participants took place.All participants were very pleased and finish the course with success. It should give Henan Yifa Animal Husbandry Co., LTD. the ability to improve their own worker’s education and to improve their production which finish at least in becoming more sensitive to animal welfare.

This training course underlined, that also for nursery there should be a standard every worker can follow, to ensure an efficient pig husbandry. By correct handling a lot of problems in following stages of production can be avoided.